The Truffle is an emotion made reality. A year long process created by Mother Nature resulting in the prized Truffle.

If you look carefully you will find ninety varieties from around the world, and only a few are used thanks to their fragrance or flavour.

Tuber melanosporum is the scientific name used for the Sarrion Black Truffle (sometimes called the Perigord Truffle, Norcia Truffle or Spoleto Truffle). Contrary to popular belief, the main area of cultivation is situated in Spain in the regions of Maestrazgo and Soria; the town of Sarrion has the greatest surface of planted oak trees in the entire world. They can also be found in France (Perigord, Vauclause, Lot and Basses-Alps) and Italy (Marche, Umbria, Perugia, Piemonte, Liguria and Veneto) but they are not in the same abundance as in Spain.

The process of replicating nature’s wonder requires at least three essential factors: an oak tree, its roots mycorrhizaed with the fungus of the Truffle and a great deal of patience. The other factors can only be left to luck (soil and climate). Truffle growth is truly in the hands of the gods, which might explain their rarity and why they are held in such high esteem.

The first Sarrion’s Truffle you taste will make a lasting impression. If you are lucky enough to try another you will be seduced by its magic for the rest of your life.

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